100% Botanical

Our top selling Lipstick Sealer contains no ink, dye, or chemicals and works with any lipstick, and is easily removed.

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Unique Assortment

Working beneath the surface, Lipchic products work together to enhance your natural beauty at any age.

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Proven Results

Lipchic has been around for generations, receiving recognition in magazines: AllureBrideEssence and more and is a favorite of many newscasters and actors.

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The Secret to Wearing Bright Lipstick

Beauty’s most classic trend: elegant and versatile, eye-catching lipstick can flatter every face and every age for timeless beauty.


  • During the day or for outdoor wear, choose a softer shade. Evening or indoor: go bolder
  • Darker skin tones can pull off darker shades, whereas lighter tones should wear lighter shades
  • If you have thin lips, avoid deep tones which will only make your lips look smaller
  • Especially if choosing matte, exfoliate your lips for a fresh surface prior to application

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Family Owned Business

We are a small, family owned business that takes pride in our customer satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our products. We are happy to help!